Logo Designs

A collection of logo designs that I have created, some of which are associated with larger brand identity projects.


XDejvii letters "XD" logo design

XDejvii is a streamer and content creator from Slovenia that primarily puts out gaming-related content.

The logo is a synthesis of the letters “X” and “D” that is a clean and unique mark for his personal brand.


TXT logo design

I created this logo in response to one of LogoCore’s design challenges. TXT is an application designed as a secure and easy-to-use platform for internal business communication.

The icon takes the shape of a recognizable symbol for messaging (the speech bubble), with the letters “TXT” built to fit perfectly within the shape while also being sharp and unique to this design. The color blue was chosen not only due to its recognizability from iMessage, but also because it conveys a sense of professionalism, security, and trust, all of which are incredibly valuable for an app such as this.

Jackson Umiker

Jackson Umiker letters "JU" logo design

Jackson Umiker is a good friend of mine who asked me to create a logo to represent himself.

The icon takes the shape of a “U” and is stylized in such a way that a “J” is visible, forming his initials. The font, Dolce Vita, was chosen because of its stylistic resemblance to the icon.


KyroArts letter "K" logo design

KyroArts is a graphic designer that specializes in social media designs for the online gaming community. He asked me to design a simple mark to represent himself and his work.


Letters "NS" logo design

I designed this logo as a creative exercise just for fun. It features the letters “N” and “S”.


Letters "TP" logo design

This logo was created for a client but ultimately went unused. It features the letters “TP” that are combined to make a sharp and distinct mark.

Sovereign Motive

Sovereign Motive letters "SM" logo design

Sovereign Motive is a Christian worship band from Cleveland, TN that asked me to design a logo and brand identity for them. The icon takes the shape of a letter “M” intertwined within a letter “S”, conveying the fact that a motive is the central reason for doing something, and this motive is surrounded by the sovereignty of the Lord and His will for us. The color red was chosen because of its importance within the Christian faith as a representation of the blood of Christ.

Inspire Fitness

Inspire Fitness logo design

I designed this logo for a fitness group named Inspire Fitness. The letters are sharp and consistent, giving a sense of rigidity and strength. The barball in between the words has a handle that takes the shape of an EKG (heartbeat), which conveys the effort put into a good workout.


I created this logo in response to one of LogoCore’s design challenges. The creative brief detailed that this is an application that allows its users to create WordPress websites about 3x faster than writing code like usual. The icon takes the shape of the letters “W” & “P” using sets of 3 marks, and makes use of geometric shapes to display the application’s drag-‘n-drop functionality. The shades of blue were chosen to make the application recognizable as a WordPress-related product as well as being friendly and professional.

© 2019 Will Stewart

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