Why You Shouldn’t Use a Premade Logo for your Brand

A great logo design can often be expensive, especially when your business is just starting out. Because of this, it can be tempting to go with one of innumerable premade logo designs or logo templates. However, while this may seem okay on the surface, there are several reasons why this is a bad idea.

Lack of Uniqueness

It is possible to purchase a premade logo and for that design to be exclusive to the first (and only) person who bought it. But this is not usually the case for sites or designers that sell premade logos. What you are likely to find is quite a few basic (and, I will admit, sometimes nice-looking) designs going for as low as $5 that can be purchased by as many people as possible. And at such a cheap price, it’s even more likely that there will be hundreds, or even thousands, of people using the same design.

If your business is just a hobby that exclusively operates in your local community, this may be okay. But, if you want to be even somewhat serious with your venture, uniqueness is absolutely necessary to stand out (and not be called a copycat). This is especially true if you would like to trademark your logo, because if it’s not just yours, you probably won’t be able to secure the trademark. And this becomes even more problematic if someone else has managed to trademark it.

Lack of Clarity

A logo is one of the fundamental aspects of your brand’s identity. To be clear, a logo is only a piece of a brand, but it is imperative to have one because it can serve as an anchor point for the market’s emotional reaction and attachment to your business. In order for a logo to do its job, it must be able to clarify the mission and values of your company by representing them in a single, definitive mark. However, because premade logos are not made custom for your brand, they will likely not be able to aptly represent it (additionally, many logo templates are made with a general type of business in mind, which may not be specific enough for yours).

The most memorable logos are the ones that speak to a companies core values and goals. Take, for instance, Apple’s logo: simple, sleek, and modern; each of those attributes can also be seen in all of the company’s products and marketing materials.

A generic combination of shapes is not enough to have a meaningful and memorable symbol to represent your business; it deserves more and better than that. Your brand, and the logo that serves as one of the most important pillars of it, needs to definitively represent not only what your business is but also why it exists. A good logo designer will ask you questions pertaining to this so they can create a proper, unique, and authentic solution.